Hyphens and dashes worksheet answers

Hyphens and dashes worksheet answers

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hyphens and dashes worksheet answers

CCSS L. Also included in:. A bundle of 4 resources on hyphens and dashes. View Bundle. A bundle of worksheets with answers on punctuation. After completing these worksheets, the students will be able to: Gain an understanding of hyphens and dashes. List the rules of hyphens and dashes.

Demonstrate the knowledge of hyphens and dashes in writing. This download includes exercises on: Defining and listing rules of hyphens and dashes. Comparing and contrasting hyphens and dashes, em dashes and en dashes. Giving example for dash rules. Identifying hyphen rules used in given sentences.A dash is longer than a hyphen and is commonly used to indicate a range or a pause.

The most common types of dashes are the en dash — and the em dash —. Grammarly can save you from misspellings, grammatical and punctuation mistakes, and other writing issues on all your favorite websites.

Your writing, at its best. Be the best writer in the office. Get Grammarly. Some compound words, such as self-restraint are hyphenated.

Quiz for Lessons 421 - 425

Hyphenated words tend to become closed compounds single words with no hyphens over time. Email instead of e-mailfor example, is increasingly common. You should also use a hyphen with a compound modifier before a noun. A compound modifier also called a phrasal adjective is made up of two or more words that must be understood as a unit. The hyphen shows the reader that the words should be taken together as a descriptor for the noun.

Most often, compound modifiers are made up of an adjective plus a noun or participle. But, remember, a compound modifier only needs a hyphen when it comes before a noun. If it comes after the noun, leave the hyphen out.

The -ly is sufficient to show that the compound is a unit of meaning. Take a five- or ten-minute break. Hyphens are also commonly used to divide words that fall at the end of a line of text and continue on the next line.

En dashes, which are about the width of an upper-case N, are often mistaken for hyphens. But, traditionally, en dashes function as a kind of super hyphen. But, keep in mind, not all readers will notice en dashes or understand what they mean. But, outside of formal printed publications, this type of en dash is commonly replaced with a simple hyphen. The em dash about as wide as an uppercase Mis a relatively artistic punctuation mark, compared to the more technical hyphen and en dash.

An em dash is most often used to indicate a pause in a sentence. The new nurse—who was wearing the same purple scrubs as the old nurse—entered the room with a tray of Jello. You can use a single em dash like a colon to add explanatory or amplifying information, especially when the information is surprising:. I opened the door and there she stood—my long lost sister.

Whether or not you use spaces around your em dashes word—word or word — word is a matter of style. Whichever style you choose, use it consistently throughout your document.

Remember, em dashes are not interchangeable with hyphens. Using a single hyphen instead of an em dash can confuse readers and make your writing look unprofessional.

Works on all your favorite websites. Basics Program vs.We wont spam you, we don't believe in that. However we may contact you about future promotions and news about EdPlace. If you are happy to be contacted, please tick the box. Are you looking to set up a school or business invoice account? Request access. Difficulty level:. A parenthesis is a word or a phrase that is inserted into a sentence to add information or explain something. However, if we want the extra information to stand out more, then dashes or brackets can be used.

Sometimes people use the word parenthesis to refer to the brackets themselves, but strictly speaking the parenthesis is the information, not the punctuation. The sentence should always make sense without the parenthesis, whether commas, dashes or brackets are used. Dashes are generally more informal, and are often used in emails or other casual writing. Use dashes to punctuate the extra information in this sentence.

Use commas to insert the parenthesis ' despite being very nervous ' into the sentence below. Use dashes to insert the parenthesis ' although I don't believe him ' into the sentence below. Use brackets to insert the parenthesis ' claimed to be the largest city in the world ' into the sentence below.

Tick the type of punctuation that would be better if you wanted to emphasise the extra information in a sentence. Tick the type of punctuation that would be better if you were writing a formal letter and you wanted to add information to a sentence. We're here to help your child succeed. Track progress, measure results and access thousands of online tutorial worksheets in Maths, English and Science with an EdPlace subscription.

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Request access Already have an account? Login here. The smart way to improve grades. English Year 5 Punctuation. Use Brackets and Dashes for Parenthesis. In this worksheet, students practise using brackets and dashes to add parentheses to sentences.

Worksheet Overview. We generally put extra information inside commas. My sister, who is called Emily, loves horses.

Hyphens and Dashes

My sister - who is called Emily - loves horses. My sister who is called Emily loves horses. The plural of parenthesis is parentheses. Use commas to punctuate the extra information in this sentence. My dad who is normally a very good driver crashed his car yesterday.

Use brackets to punctuate the extra information in this sentence. My Aunt Jemima who is nearly one hundred years old is coming to visit us soon.A hyphen joins two or more words together while a dash separates words into parenthetical statements. The two are sometimes confused because they look so similar, but their usage is different. Hyphens are not separated by spaces, while a dash has a space on either side. Generally, hyphens are used to join two words or parts of words together while avoiding confusion or ambiguity.

Consult your dictionary if you are not sure if a hyphen is required in a compound word, but remember that current usage may have shifted since your dictionary was published. There are some cases where hyphens preserve written clarity such as where there are letter collisions, where a prefix is added, or in family relations.

Many words that have been hyphenated in the past have since dropped the hyphen and become a single word email, nowadays. In written fractions place a hyphen between the numerator and denominator except if there is already a hyphen in either the numerator or the denominator.

Dashes can be used to add parenthetical statements or comments in much the same way as you would use brackets. In formal writing you should use the bracket rather than the dash as a dash is considered less formal. Dashes can be used to create emphasis in a sentence. Skip to main content. Home English Usage Punctuation. Hyphens and Dashes. Hyphens Generally, hyphens are used to join two words or parts of words together while avoiding confusion or ambiguity.

Examples run-down up-to-date. Examples co-operate bell-like anti-nuclear post-colonial great-grandmother son-in-law. Examples fifty-one eighty-nine thirty-two sixty-five. Examples two-fifths one-third three-tenths nine-hundredths sixty-nine eighty-ninths. Examples France has a hour working week. He won the metre sprint.Uh oh! It looks like you have JavaScript turned off. While most of our site should function with out, we recommend turning it back on for a better experience.

Hyphen: Do not confuse a hyphen with a long dash. For example, in the phrase nice-looking housethe hyphen combines two words, nice and lookinginto one compound adjective. Long Dashes: Long dashes are used to replace commas, semicolons, colons, ellipses, and parentheses to indicate added emphasis, an interruption, or an abrupt change of thought. Examples: You are the friend—the only friend—who offered to help me.

I need three items at the store—dog food, vegetarian chili, and cheddar cheese. A colon could also be used here. My agreement with Fiona is clear—she teaches me French and I teach her German.

Again, a colon would work here.

How to use a semicolon - Emma Bryce

Please call my agent—Jessica Cohen—about hiring me. Parentheses or commas would also work here. To form a long dash on most PCs, type the first word, then hold down the ALT key while typing on the numerical pad on the right side of your keyboard.

One method for creating a long dash on a Mac is to press and hold the Shift key, Option key, and minus hyphen key. While there are many more possible uses of the long dash, be sure to curb your temptation to employ this convenient but overused punctuation mark. Which type of mark, a long dash or a hyphenshould be used in each of the following sentences? If you wish to respond to another reader's question or comment, please click its corresponding "REPLY" button.

If the article or the existing discussions do not address a thought or question you have on the subject, please use the "Comment" box at the bottom of this page. Just a suggestion. In your most recent newsletter relating to parentheses you give the following example:. Example: He finally answered—after taking five minutes to think—that he did not understand the question. In my view there should be spaces before and after each Em dash.

This avoids the possibility of confusing the Em dashes with hyphens. Example: He finally answered — after taking five minutes to think — that he did not understand the question. Interestingly enough, we do have an error there but not the one you mention.

One other alert reader noticed that we used an en dash instead of an em dash. Most authorities recommend using no spaces before or after en or em dashes. The difference between the two dashes is subtle, but noticeable. I hope that this looks better: He finally answered—after taking five minutes to think—that he did not understand the question.Hyphens and Dashes Worksheet Answers — You may also double-click on the template thumbnail to open it in your document window and start customizing it If you find a template that you would like to use!

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hyphens and dashes worksheet answers

Regardless of what your business planning objectives, cash flow is the resource in the company, and money is the business purpose. Version control is another issue with Excel. Key Grammar Practice Gr 12 Adverb from hyphens and dashes worksheet answerssource:scribd.Hyphens are only used to combine certain words together.

They are not strong enough to set off phrases or words from a sentence. Use hyphens in the following situations:. Example: Maria is a self-conscious writer.

Hyphens Answer

Maria is not a self writer or a conscious writer: both words must work together to describe her, so they are hyphenated. Example: They shared a very tender and extremely memorable moment. Examples: well-developed, well-known, self-correcting, home-cooked, problem-solving, ill-advised, fast-moving, friendly-sounding.

Example: Are her father- and mother-in-law coming over for dinner? Example: Is it a nine- or ten-story building?

hyphens and dashes worksheet answers

Example: He under- or overestimated all of his opponents. Example: Mrs. Harris has taught first- second- and third-grade at my elementary school.

If you're unsure whether a hyphen is needed, check an online dictionary or paste the phrase into Google and check common usage. Short dashes — are more commonly called "en" dashes, because they are the length of the letter "n" and often combine numbers. Short dashes often replace hyphens to prevent confusion and have the following roles:. Long dashes — are more commonly called "em" dashes, because they are the length of the letter "m.

Word will then autocorrect the two hyphens into a dash. Use long dashes in the following situations:. Example: Daniel —in all fairness— had no choice but to become Mrs. Example: When I woke up, I had a lot of cold symptoms —coughing, sneezing, and a headache.

Example: The Eiffel Tower is the most visited paid monument in the world—it features restaurants on both the first- and second levels.

Example, with spaces: Dinner tonight is going to be so delicious — roast beef, green beans, and potatoes! Example, without spaces: Dinner tonight is going to be so delicious—roast beef, green beans, and potatoes!

Hyphens - Hyphens are only used to combine certain words together. Use hyphens in the following situations: Use in compound numbers and fractions. Examples: twenty-nine, two-thirds Join multi-word nouns read as a single unit. Examples: sister-in-law, nine-year-old, mid-July Combine two adjectives that are working together to describe the same noun. Combine a complete phrase before a noun.

These hyphens are no longer needed when the phrase comes after the noun. Always use between an adverb and a participle verb form that describes a noun. Consider the following examples: Examples: well-developed, well-known, self-correcting, home-cooked, problem-solving, ill-advised, fast-moving, friendly-sounding Use a "suspended" hyphen when at least two similar compound words appear next to each other and the final portion of the compound has been eliminated to avoid repetition.

The hyphen appears after the first compound, regardless if the compound normally has a hyphen.

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